Who can I talk to?

In Sheffield at the Weston Park Hospital screening and treatment centre we have a team of people trained and experienced in supporting women following a molar pregnancy.
The Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nurse Counsellor are nurses who are specially trained to give care and support to patients.

Kam Singh is the Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Telephone: 0114 226 5000 Bleep 3349

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Annie, Sarah and Jane are clinical nurse specialists, they can offer information and support either face to face or by telephone.

Jane Ireson and Sarah Gillett are our Clinical Nurse Specialists in Molar Pregnancy and Trophoblastic Disease Annie Hills Clinical Nurse Specialist in Molar Pregnancy and Trophoblastic Disease
Jane Ireson, Sarah Gillett and Annie Hills are our Clinical Nurse Specialists in Molar Pregnancy and Trophoblastic Disease.

What do I do if I want this support?

You can get in touch with members of the nursing team, Monday - Friday between 10.00am and 5.00pm.
Telephone: 0114 226 5000 and ask Switchboard to bleep Jane or Sarah on bleep 3348, or Annie on bleep 3292.

If they are not available then please ring the office on: 0114 2265205.

Alternatively you may prefer to email Annie, Sarah, Jane or Kam at: Trophoblastic@sth.nhs.uk

If English is not your first language and you would like to discuss your molar pregnancy with our nurse specialist, we can arrange an interpreter and talk with you on the telephone.

If you wish to meet and talk confidentially about your condition, you can arrange to drop-in to speak to someone.

Patient support website

You may find the patient support website helpful: www.molarpregnancy.co.uk (opens in a new window)
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