Useful contacts for further information and support

The Molar Pregnancy website and support forum website
This is a support site designed and launched by a Sheffield patient in April 2007, updated in 2017, and will be able to answer many of the questions that are important to you.

Molar pregnancy is uncommon and this can mean that you may feel very isolated. The Molar Pregnancy Support Forum allows women to talk about their experiences and support each other. You are not alone, there are other women who really understand what you are going through; whether it’s coping with the prospect of screening, treatment for persistent disease, tactless comments people make or wondering about claiming on critical illness insurance.

Cancerbackup and Macmillan Support

They are a combined charity and can be contacted at:

Phone: 0808 808 0000
Macmillan provides practical, medical, emotional and financial advice

The UK’s leading cancer information site provides up to date practical advice and support including information about different drugs, coping with side effects, financial issues and much more.

Miscarriage Association

Can offer telephone support to both you and your partner on 01924 200 799.