Information for patients

Trophoblastic disease is an uncommon disorder and we hope that the information available here will answer some of your questions.

Newly diagnosed?

You will receive a copy of this booklet Gestational trophoblastic disease: Information for patients when you are registered with us. (pdf document, you may need Adobe Acrobat - Download Acrobat).
We hope that it will answer many of your questions but we do realise you may have other questions and concerns, or you may just wish to talk to somebody following your molar pregnancy.
For women who have had a molar pregnancy and who are on follow-up, it is possible to arrange to drop-in to talk face-to-face to help answer any questions about the condition.

Chemotherapy for persistent trophoblastic disease

A small number of women require chemotherapy treatment for persistent trophoblastic disease. The booklet Information for patients: Molar Pregnancy - Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia explains more about this. (pdf document, you may need Adobe Acrobat - Download Acrobat). (Revised 2016)


The Useful links page provides information about online support resources

Weston Park Hospital

The Sheffield Trophoblastic Disease Centre is based in Weston Park Hospital. Their website offers information about the hospital, how to get here and car parking.


Jean's Research Trust raises funds to research trophoblastic disease and also helps to support the website.

Contact information the other UK Trophoblastic Disease Centres (Charing Cross/Dundee)